Core Vision® Foundation Inc. stimulates entrepreneurship in three ways:

Organize and inspire them.

Core Vision® will provide a platform to have a chance to hear successful entrepreneurs talk about the entrepreneurial experience and to explore best practices in entrepreneurship education from across the country.

Train them.

Core Vision® will provide prospective entrepreneurs with mentors. The mentors are people who have experience in your field of work, and can steer you in the right direction when you need them to. The mentors will be a guide to the young entrepreneurs and help shape them into future leaders.

Connect them with resources.

Core Vision® collaborates with other job providers, business leaders, education and training providers, and community stakeholders. We prepare and connect qualified candidates for job opportunities. We develop relationships directly with businesses and other service providers that are hiring. Core Vision mentors aspiring entrepreneurs and oversees the first steps of building a business.

Core Vision has embarked on a journey to empower people through entrepreneurship in a battle against poverty. Core Vision will instigate advancements of entrepreneurship in communities by educating, networking, mobilizing and sharing resources, technologies and ideas.