Core Vision® Stimulates Entrepreneurship In Three Ways:

Organize and inspire them.

Through Core Vision’s programs, outreach services and events provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to meet entrepreneurship role models, and recognize the importance of entrepreneurship mentors. By interacting with entrepreneurship role models and mentors, aspiring entrepreneurs can gain confidence that they too can own a successful business and provide for the financial well-being for their families.

Train them.

Core Vision® provides prospective entrepreneurs with mentors and opportunities for training.  Through the Foundation’s different events and television show Vision for Success entrepreneurs can gain strategic business insights from leaders within the Business community. Additional training and learning opportunities are also provided through seminars, and workshops organized by Core Vision® . In 2018, over 2,000 entrepreneurs had the opportunity to engage in discussion with elected representatives and representatives from different New York City agencies.

Connect them with Resources.

Core Vision® collaborates with a vast network of professionals that provide assistance in a variety of disciplines important to entrepreneurism; including but not limited to: applying for jobs, accounting services, legal and tax services and insurance. In addition, Core Vision® maintains a data base and direct contact with businesses and other service providers that are hiring. Finally, Core Vision® mentors aspiring entrepreneurs and oversees the first steps of building a business.

Core Vision® has embarked on a journey to empower people through entrepreneurship in a battle against poverty. Core Vision will instigate advancements of entrepreneurship in communities by educating, networking, mobilizing and sharing resources, technologies and ideas.