Core Vision® Stimulates Entrepreneurship In Three Ways:

Organize and inspire them.

Through Core Vision’s programs, outreach services and events provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to meet entrepreneurship role models, and recognize the importance of entrepreneurship mentors. By interacting with entrepreneurship role models and mentors, aspiring entrepreneurs can gain confidence that they too can own a successful business and provide for the financial well-being for their families.

Train them.

Core Vision® provides prospective entrepreneurs with mentors and opportunities for training.  Through the Foundation’s different events and television show Vision for Success entrepreneurs can gain strategic business insights from leaders within the Business community. Additional training and learning opportunities are also provided through seminars, and workshops organized by Core Vision® . In 2018, over 2,000 entrepreneurs had the opportunity to engage in discussion with elected representatives and representatives from different New York City agencies.

Connect them with Resources.

Core Vision® collaborates with a vast network of professionals that provide assistance in a variety of disciplines important to entrepreneurism; including but not limited to: applying for jobs, accounting services, legal and tax services and insurance. In addition, Core Vision® maintains a data base and direct contact with businesses and other service providers that are hiring. Finally, Core Vision® mentors aspiring entrepreneurs and oversees the first steps of building a business.

Core Vision® will provide a platform to have a chance to hear successful entrepreneurs talk about the entrepreneurial experience and to learn the best practices in entrepreneurial education throughout the country.

Core Vision® will also provide prospective entrepreneurs with mentors. The mentors are people who have experience in your field of work, and can steer them in the right direction when they need them to. The mentors will be a guide to the entrepreneurs and help shape them into successful leaders.

Core Vision® will educate our community on entrepreneurship and provide a guiding hand for the people on their journey. The entrepreneurial spirit of coming generations can alter the course of their own lives and the lives of many others, and their actions will shape our future, and the future of our community.

The most pressing challenges that our youth are facing are lack of proper directions, guidance and leadership training and mentorship to empower them.

According to study, 72% of Millennials (ages 18–34) want to start their own business. Studies also show that 64% of high school juniors show signs of interest in starting their own ventures. 77% of students in grades 5-12 say they want to be their own boss, and 45% plan to start their own ventures. 72% of high school students want to start a venture and 61% would rather be an entrepreneur than an employee.

According a survey conducted by EY (formerly Ernst & Young LLP) and the Economic Innovation Group (EIG), the biggest obstacle in the path of Millennials who want to become entrepreneurs is that they don’t have the financial means, followed by fear of the business failing and limited knowledge in business ownership. Same study says, Millennials of today are moving away from business ventures — the new generation is growing to be less entrepreneurial than past generations.

Core Vision® will instigate advancements of youth entrepreneurship in communities by educating, networking, mobilizing and sharing resources, technologies and ideas. The entrepreneurial spirit of coming generations can alter the course of their own lives and the lives of many others, and their actions will shape our future, and the future of our community. The Vision of this foundation is to shape the youth to become future leaders of our community.

It’s commonly held view that in order to become entrepreneurs, one has to be naturally born with entrepreneurial qualities. However, Core Vision® believes that entrepreneurs are created and shaped by their experiences, and in order to become successful entrepreneurs, the right guidance is needed.

The talent of many entrepreneurs lies in their ability to align their skills and their passion with potential opportunities. If you have your own Vision of becoming an entrepreneur, we are here to guide you and provide you with the services you require to start your business.

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