Core Vision® Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization incorporated in the State of New York and registered with the New York State Charities Bureau. Core Vision® is devoted to empowering immigrant and underserved populations through entrepreneurism and to support each individual’s entrepreneurship spirit as they strive to enhance their socioeconomic wellbeing.

Core Vision’s purpose to empower people began with the belief that entrepreneurism is an important component in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. Through entrepreneurship and a supportive network, individuals can pull themselves out of poverty and despair faster and more effectively than through any other business or sociological method. It is in this context that Core Vision® has developed programs that are aligned with different types of entrepreneurship.

It is through the application of each of these forms of entrepreneurship that Core Vision® helps entrepreneurs to flourish through the use of innovative tools and informative resources. Further, our entrepreneurship programs and services help entrepreneurs to effectively begin and nurture their businesses. Through Core Vision®, entrepreneurs can avail themselves of professional services so that they can effectively grow and sustain their businesses.
In addition to entrepreneurship programs and services, Core Vision® also collaborates with an array of professionals who provide entrepreneurship-related services for low-income individuals. Among these professional are attorneys, paralegals, and social workers. Most of these services are offered free of charge to low-income individuals.

As a result of Core Vision’s entrepreneurial programs and services and its network of professionals, Core Vision® has become a nurturing ground for aspiring entrepreneurs in New York City’s five boroughs. It is through this organizational structure that Core Vision® strives to fulfill its mission to enhance the financial and societal well-being of New York City’s immigrant and underserved populations.