Be A Sponsor

Core Vision® couldn’t help those in need without the generous support of our sponsors, who provide invaluable time, energy and resources, positively impacting those we serve.

Your sponsorship of Core Vision® event’s will also showcase your organization to more than 1,000,000 Immigrants American. Most importantly, your organization’s sponsorship and support will help empower people through entrepreneurship.

To learn more about becoming a major donor, sponsor one of our large, annual events or one of our smaller, year-round events.

Organize A Drive

Core Vision® lacks the capacity or resources to meet the needs of entrepreneurial activities alone. Once you have decided that you would like to support, contact us to get more information on the organization that you can provide to volunteers, donors or media outlets.

Organize a fundraiser or collection drive in your office, community center or place of worship.

Take initiative, help out the ones in need.

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Be A Partner

Partners can bring skin to the game that you would not get otherwise. We are one person with a finite number of skills, capital and resources.

Here are the points how a partner can help us:

Be a second set of eyes and ideas brings added value to our activities, can widen your perspective on building and growing strategies.

Bring other needed resources to the business.

Provide additional talents or skills we may not have. We aren’t good at everything.

Be a source of support that can make an organization. Find someone that challenges you to do better.

We are looking Partners of those kind.

Be A Volunteer

Ever since Core Vision® was founded in May 16, 2016, we have relied on community volunteers and their support to help us expand our services and spread our word to others. While our programs are staffed by full-time professionals, we provide many openings for individuals to donate their time and talent to help enrich our community.

At Core Vision®, we ensure that volunteering is enriching and meaningful to our programs, clients and the volunteers themselves. Our volunteers will be providing their time, heart, spirit and services to others as a full-time commitment to help people in need.

Attend An Event

Attend our seminars, trainings and other events to enrich you and empower your family as well as community. Professional speakers, corporate trainers regularly speak at all our events and help create an atmosphere for impactful engagement that leads to more powerful entrepreneurs.

There is power in being connected to other people to share ideas, thoughts and plans. For empowering yourselves, you need to be engaged. By participating in the meetings, attend a conference, convention or seminar can uncover new ways for you growing as an entrepreneur.