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Why use our services and resources

Use our services to enrich you and empower your family as well as community.
Reasons you should avail our service are:

We make a difference:
Each of our workshops, seminars, and events are aimed at making a positive difference, and causing change in our society. Core Vision® is looking for individuals who are willing to help our society.

Build self-respect:
We help entrepreneurs to recognize and believe in their own abilities. We help those who can take initiative and spur a change in not only their own lives, but in the lives of many others, by being able to lead them.

Our Commitment:
We are wholly committed to our Mission, and we firmly believe that we can pull our community out of poverty and break its remaining chains.


Our aspiration is to build an economically stable, sustainable and empowered society through inspiring visionary entrepreneurship.


Core Vision® was founded with a Mission to instigating advancements of entrepreneurship in communities by educating, networking, mobilizing and sharing resources, technologies and ideas.

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