“Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship” – is the vision of the Core Vision® Foundation. Core Vision® has started its journey to be the premier nonprofit organization in New York City devoted to empowering and inspiring immigrant and underserved entrepreneurs. 

It firmly believes that entrepreneurism can open the doors of opportunity and through entrepreneurism people who are hungry and impoverished can overcome these barriers and fully express their innate talents. Opportunities are in abundance, and it is the goal of Core Vision® to empower aspiring entrepreneurs so that they can improve the quality of their lives and the lives of their family members. Of particular attention to Core Vision® are individuals from immigrant and underserved populations. It is the organization’s goal to awaken the spirit of entrepreneurism among these, and to teach them the entrepreneurial skills so that they can breakout of the cycles of hunger and poverty, and fully partake in the great promise that is America.


The Core Vision® Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is devoted empowering individuals from immigrant and underserved populations improve the quality of their lives through entrepreneurism. In this regard, Core Vision® offers programs and services that promote entrepreneurship and the enhancement of careers.

In addition, Core Vision® provides information and a general awareness on matters that affect the lives of people from the target population; in particular those from the New York City metropolitan region. The Core Vision® Foundation is committed to providing individuals from the target populations with outstanding services that are driven by the Foundation’s Pillars of Excellence: community, education, inspiration, personal development and success.