Seminar – Finance Your Business

As a part of its campaign “Empowerment through Entrepreneurship”, Core Vision hosted an Entrepreneurship Development Initiative Seminar in Mejbaan Part Centre, Jackson Heights on the night of September 16, 2016. The general idea of seminar was to shed light on receivable help and information for small business entrepreneurs.

Dignitaries / Guests of honor:

  • Shameem Ahsan, Consul General of Bangladesh in NY
  • Jennifer Jackson, Economic Development Specialist, New York District Office of US small business.
  • Rosa A. Figueroa, Director, Small Business Development Center, CUNY
  • Akil Ahmed and Mr. Khurshid Khurrum, Business Bankers of Citi Bank.

The dignitaries attended the seminar spoke about how they can help with your small business or entrepreneur business. Each of them shared with us their personal experiences, and also presented us with facts. Their points of view may vary, but instead of only applying what you think is important in the entire seminar why not give them all tries. The speakers are all talking about the same topic, but it’s time to see that there are many ways to achieve your goal, and how each speaker’s experience brings something special to the table. It’s time to know just because they differ in comparison does not mean they can’t contribute.

It’s time to know we have a “Vision”, the vision of the Core Vision Foundation. A Vision where you give us the opportunity to help. Our services range from business loan issues to business court issues. Our Vision is to help your vision become reality. Give us the opportunity – we want to help. We are here to help. It’s your choice to come for help.

The main general point of this seminar can be summarized with two words: entrepreneurship, and finance. What they each add to the table is what’s important. Entrepreneurship is the ability to use the resources you have, to create a business. Finance is the ability to fund your work. This is what each of the dignitaries explained.

This seminar was hosted by Core Vision Foundation, the invitation address was Mejbaan Part Centre, Jackson Heights, NY 11372.